How are images like this achieved?

Wildlife Windows has been designing camera nest boxes for eight years. They have worked through a multitude of designs, camera types and lighting configurations and this present camera nest box combines all the best features of their previous designs. It is a high quality box and camera system is designed for professional users such as the Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, Rangers Service and Schools.

A careful application of white and IR illumination produces high quality images from this fantastic camera system. The nest box consists of two compartments... the nesting area and then a section that houses the camera and the lighting array. These lights use a LDR (light dependent resistor) controlling the white leds. There is a sensor on the outside, so when it is light outside, the lights are on inside the box. As it gets darkers, the lights dim and when it is dark, the lights turn off completely. These boxes can be made with IR at night, but mine does not have this feature.


White LEDs


Light sensor

Wildlife Windows’ camera tit box for professional users

Built using sustainable exterior grade Russian birch ply
Weatherproof paint
Stainless steel fixings
Variable hole size
Aluminium hole guard
Steel armoured cabling within 75cm of box (squirrel proofing)

Camera ‘card’
Removable camera card (allows for easy moving of cameras from one box to another and winter take down)
Camera choices:
B&W 24/7
Colour during day only
Colour during day and soft colour during night
Natural (close up) side view
WW’s custom designed white or IR led array
LDR (light dependent resistor) controlling white leds (soft switch on/off with sunrise and sunset)
Shower proof single connection connectors


Patio Nest Box Footage 2012

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