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Paula Craib

We don’t really have a lot of wildlife on my patch but I’m doing my best to encourage it by making the garden more wildlife friendly. In recent years my garden has become a haven for hedgehogs. We have at least five individuals visiting on a nightly basis. We have wood mice nesting beneath our shed and often a frog will leap out from beneath a shrub (making me jump out of my skin!) as I’m doing a spot of weeding! A couple of bats regularly do ‘figure of eights’ up and down ..........

Gareth Jones

I now live in the Forest of Dean. It's a beautiful part of the country, which spans from the River Severn to the River Wye. It's not quite off the beaten track, but it's not on most peoples "to go lists" although, it should be.
The scenery is stunning from narrow wooden valley of the Wye, to the long distance views of the Breacons and the Black mountains. Least not forget the Forest itself, which is beautiful.............

Paula Moss

I arrived in Shetland going on five years ago now. Our home needed some serious development and so did the garden. I cleared a spot in the garden, got a couple of bird feeders with seed and slowly I am attracting birds into the garden. I remember the first time I put some seeds down I got two little brown birds landing and got so excited about it...........

Anthony Walton.... (and Dawn!)

They say change is the hardest thing.Three or so years ago I was a couch potato!My life had just come down from a bit of a rollercoaster, so I was looking for an escape. Something to get rid of stress. Some people start jogging, going to the gym. I chose to pic up my camera again.Back in the mists of time I had an interest in photography, and bought a film SLR (remember them!).I splashed a bit of cash .........

Phil Clark.... (and Donna!)

We live in the Eden Valley in Cumbria.In our garden we have hedgehogs,mice,two visiting woodpeckers and we,ve even had a red squirrel.Our patch is our local river ,the river lune.There are otters,kingfishers and sand martins nesting in the banks also trout and salmon live in the river ,the list is endless.We have not seen the otters yet but were keeping our eyes peeled.........

Mike Mottram

I have had a passion for watching wildlife and the outdoors since I was child and now that I am in my 20's I have taken up documenting wildlife through photography and film. I love to Kayak, camp and hike long distances with all my camera gear whether its in a dark wet woodland on a cold winters day or by the sea on a warm summers evening filming the sun going down over the sea its the .......

Dave Brining

I have always been interested in the Weather & Nature in general as well as electronics. After suffering a couple of strokes and arthritis I am not quite as dexterous, so electronics takes a back seat in favour of wildlife & photography. The garden is low maintenance(ish) and beginning to become established. I have had success with raising Robins & Bluetits and for next year have got ..........

The Barts


We're a family of 2 adults and 2 children (aged 11 and 9) and we have recently become ever more interested in wildlife and the world around us. The past year has seen us been involved in all sorts of activities from mammal trapping to bat walks to bird ringing and we're loving every minute of it.We live in Sheffield and are very lucky to be close to a lot of fantastic countryside and so our weekends .......

Stephen & Jane Young

We moved to the Herault in the South of France in 2003 and soon discovered that the wildlife here was somewhat different from that to be found in the North of Scotland. We have 9 acres beside the village of Olargues, with the River Jaur along one side of the property. There is a large stand of bamboo, at the centre of which is an area where the water from a spring makes a fine mud wallow for the local wild
boar population ....


Very much a late starter in appreciating wildlife and nature in general. For far too many years I spent my life on motorways or in offices at meetings. The rest of the time was spent, sleeping, drinking and eating. Now retired and living in a beautiful spot surrounded by trees on 3 sides and open moorland on the other I have begun to properly appreciate my surroundings and the wildlife that inhabits it. We live.....

Jim Manthorpe

I am a photographer, film-maker and writer based in 'The Last Wilderness in Britain', otherwise known as Knoydart on the west coast of Scotland. My patch covers a 16000 acre peninsula of wild mountains, moorland, woodland and rocky coastline. I follow all sorts of wildlife from the otters on the shore in front of my house to the red deer on the hill. ........

Duncan Richardson

My Patch is a normal suburban garden in South Wales. We have been in the house since it was built in 2000 and have been encouraging wildlife since then. We benefit from woods very close to us and the RIver Ebbw about 500 yards away (which I also count as my patch!). Although the housing estate is now about 2000 houses ws are on the edge and it still feels quite small. We have flocks of Goldfinch ........

Ryan Clark

I’m 18 years old and I love all things to do with natural world and science. In October I am going to go to university to study Biology in order to increase my knowledge of the organisms that inhabit our world. I live in the town of Aylesbury in the beautiful area of Buckinghamshire; within a short drive is the Chiltern Hills, giving great views over the local area.When we moved into our house the garden was just ...........

Dean Mann

I live in the Cairngorms National Park and I am lucky enough to have Mountains, Forest, Lochs and Rivers in my patch. Wildlife (some I have seen, some I glimpse and some I still search for) include: Golden Eagle, Osprey and Peregrine Falcon, Crested Tit, Crossbill, Capercaillie, Red Squirrel, Otter..........

Prickly Tales

I am a registered Hedgehog carer, the only one in West Oxfordshire. I have always had an interest in wildlife and although 'my patch' is quite small and on a housing estate, I do everything I can to attract wildlife and have recently installed webcams to enable me to watch what goes on around the garden.....

The Duffys


We live in a quiet cul de sac in Wigan next to an old colliery site which is now transformed into a beautiful area for wildlife. There is open grassland, reed beds and a wooded area which is host to an abundance of wildlife including a family of foxes they keep us awake on a regular basis which our two girls age 7 and 4 love! They also enjoy feeding the ducks and had nesting..........

Angela Smith

I live in a quiet area of Staffordshire, surrounded by fields and a common with sssi status. My nature observationscome from my garden and surrounding area.......

Stephen Leatherdale

I am just developing the garden as a feeding place for birds. After a quiet few years we are now up to about 12 regular species. We live on the North Sea coast in a village-there is hope for more........

Christine Westerback

I work for the local Wildlife Trust and am part of a red squirrel project. Sadly I don't have any red squirrels on my patch but I try to encourage other wildlife. I have a small pond and have seen a common newt lurcking in the depths which really excited me as I love newts! I have the odd frog and a toad which hibernates in the nooks and crannys around the garden......

Jon Cranfield

Have lived in the town of New Alresford since 2006. Have a keen interest in the town's wildlife as well as the wildlife which can be found a few miles around. I am a keen herpetologist who is studying the reptiles and amphibians in my local area - reptiles - slow-worm, grass snake & adder, Amphibians - common frog, common toad and possibly the smooth newt. I also volunteer ........

Linda & Dave Penney

Our names are linda and david and we live just out side Swaffham in Norfolk we both like taking photo’s of wildlife in our front garden we have 2 feeding stations and in the back garden. We have 4 different area where the birds can get food and water and 4 nest boxes up at present in the back garden and one in the front garden. We had a family of blue tits breed in.....

Julie Singleton

'My Patch' includes my garden and the surrounding area in West Sussex. I live on the outskirts of a small coastal town, with farmland and open fields nearby and I am working on attracting more wildlife to my garden. I have loved watching wildlife since childhood, when my parents took me on regular walks in the woods and surrounding countryside.I am very lucky to have the South Downs National Park ........

Sheila Mackay

My patch is my garden and the farmland surrounding. I enjoy watching the wild birds around where I live. I love trying to capture photos of the birds that visit the garden and take my camera with me when out and about with our two beagles. I've had an interest in wild birds since I was a wee girl encouraged by my Dad while he worked for a countyside project. Many years on with the influence ...........

Susan Howlett

I live in Staffordshire but spend all my weekends in Llansantffriad where I have a caravan on the river Vyrnwy and the wildlife I see is fantastic , from Kingfishers, Sand Martins, Goosanders, a heronary to badgers and more besides.......

Heather Fyfe

We only moved to our 'patch' in December 2011 and we do get visits from foxes every night and have captured one on the trackercam. We are trying toget the birds to visit the garden so hopefully in winter when they need the bird table we hope we will get a variety. At the moment its starlings and doves but ......

Greg Coyne

My name is Greg and I am a very keen amateur wildlife photographer. I live in Bromham which is near Bedford and spend any spare time on taking pics of Birds and Mammals either in the garden or out and about the countryside. .....

Chorlton Community Wildlife Garden

Chorlton Community Wildlife Garden was set up in response to the state of nature report and aims to provide a variety of wildlife habitats for birds, mammals and insects etc.......


Forest of Dean



South Wales





Herault South of France

W Yorkshire





Abernethy, Cairngorms National Park






New Alresford


West Sussex


Staffordshire and Llansantffraid Powys




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