Make a Log Feeder

I try to feed lots of different foods in lots of different ways in the WIldlifeKate Patch. This helps to attract as many different species as possible. I am lucky enough to have great spotted woodpeckers and nuthatches as visitors in my garden and their natural feeding position would be vertically on the trunk of a tree. To mimic this and attract such species to feed in view of my cameras, I built a log feeder; very simple to make and very effective at attracting a range of species.

I mounted this up on a fence post and attached a camera for my live streams. Setting up something like this can be great for photography too. Small holes can be drilled for peanuts, or even suet pellets, so that they are less visible on a photograph.

The only limit is your imagination.......


I had been sent some new Peckish Suet pellets to trial and these are the perfect size for a log feeder.

I chose a wood bit that was the same diameter as the fat nuggets.....


..... and drilled a number of holes into the log....

..... so I could press the suet nuggets into the hole.


Finally, I screwed the whole log onto a fence post.

I screwed a wooden arm into the side of the log and mounted a camera on the end, that would look down onto the holes.

It was just a matter of hours before the birds started using it.... and the woodpecker was soon taking advantage of this purpose-built snack bar!

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