Jackdaw & Stock Dove Battle

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By mid April, the jackdaws were spending an increasing amount of time in and out of the nest box and then started bringing nesting materials inside. I was excited as I have a soft spot for these animated corvids and I know they are going to provide excellent viewing on my live cameras.

Whilst at work, I logged into my website at lunchtime and was surprised to see two stock doves and a jackdaw in the box! I had seen the stock doves taking a look, but this was the first time I had seen them inside. What followed was possibly the most unusual footage I have ever captured. At times the jackdaw and 2 stock doves just sat in the box. The jackdaw then attacked the doves at regualr intevals, pecking viciously at them, often from underneath. The doves did not really offer any resistance and I was amazed that they did not attempt to escape.

This continued all day, with times where both jackdaws came in and attacked the doves. When I returned from work, I started recording some of the footage, which went on until early evening. The doves seemed to become weaker and one, in particular, was sitting almost motionless, at the back of the nest box. My intereste started to change to concern, as I felt that the doves were unable to escape and would perish in the box.

I made the decision to climb up to the nest box and open the lower door, allowing them to escape. One dove flew off, after a bit of encouragement, yet I had to physically remove the second one. It flew off, but I have not seen them since. The jackdaws have continued to build their nest in the box.

See me rescue the two stock doves at the end of this clip

23rd - 27th April

Over a period of about five days, four eggs were laid in the Studio nest box. The male returned to bring the female food and often mated with her. She started incubating after the first egg was laid.

27thApril 258

This amazing Arkive video shows a wonderful close up of what happened today in my nest box.....

14th May

The first egg hatches and a tiny jelly-bean jackdaw emerges......

15th May

The second egg hatches successfully and the female removes half ogf the shell from the box and moves the second half out of the way. The male has not been seen for a week or so and I am wondering whether this female will be able to raise these two chicks on her own?.....

16th May

My worst fears were realised, when on 16th May, the female left the nest box and there was no movement. The nights and early mornings had been cold and her intinct was to remain and keep the chicks warm. With no mate to bring her food, she did not feed the chicks and within a day, they had both died. A sad end to what I had been hoping would be a great story to follow.

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