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Follow some of my KreATivE projects in my new blog


Look what emerged out of my pond!


Exciting animal evidence at Badger Bank


Toad Encounter....

Take one corner planter!


My experience at GWL in pictures!! :o)

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See me on Springwatch!

What's happened so far this year?

2012 events at a glance...

Explore the wildlife on my patch....

My 'patch' includes my garden and the surrounding area in semi-rural Staffordshire. Surrounded by farmland and open fields, as well as many mature trees, I am lucky enough to attract all sorts of wildlife. Over the last year, I have installed a variety of cameras ... in nest boxes, on feeders, in mammal boxes and even into the field that adjoins my garden. These have given me unique insights into the lives of the birds and animals that visit and inspired me to do even more to attract and support the amazing number of creatures that live in this area. For a regular look at what I am doing, please check out my blogs or subscribe to my twitter feed which I use every day to keep followers up to date. Or if you just want to find out more about what I am doing in my garden, then have a look through the tabs above.... I hope my projects will inspire you to do more in your patch......

Live stream cams

If the stream buffers a lot, click pause, wait 5 secs, then play again

Watch the wildlife, live in my garden!

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on TV!



My patch features on Springwatch & Unsprung this year!


'Midlands Today' film here for their Springwatch coverage

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The Gardeners' World Team film here!


My Journey to Gardener's World Live


Wed 13th - Sun 17th June

Latest Video...

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Patch & Live Cams....


(Click on the image)


More about my current live stream cams


I have rather a lot of cams around the garden ... see what is where in my garden at the moment; from nest boxes, to feeders to mammal cameras, see what you can see on my live stream.

NutHouse Squirrel

Fox Cam

The foxes often appear from 8pm onwards.


Take a virtual stroll around the WildlifeKate patch!!! Spring 2011

Waterhole cam

It is always important to provide water for the wildlife in your garden. Hedgehogs & birds visit this 'waterhole'.

At least 3 hedgehogs visiting most nights

Hedgehog cam

I have at least 4 hedgehogs and they visit the hedgehog box from around 10pm

Squirrel Cam

Watch the squirrel feeding in my homemade feeder and take a look at my new Squirrel Nest box that had jackdaws nesting in it!

Clay Cavern

Every day, you can watch the wood mice, voles and shrew in my 'Clay Cavern' Inspiration for Springwatch 'Mammal Stump'

Badger Bank

Although not actually in my garden, this site is close enough for me to visit easily...

As seen on Gardeners' World


Bushnell HDMAx

Twister feeder

coming soon!

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2012 Nesting season

Click on the image to find out more about each nesting event

12thMay 376

Patio Nest Box

Follow my blue tits in my patio nest box

Eggs hatched 11th May

What's happening?

Ten chicks fledged on 1st June

12thMay 368

Side Nest Box

Follow my great tits in the side nest box

Eggs hatched 6th May

What's happening?


The Studio Box

Follow the story of my nesting jackdaws

What's happening?



A camera on a blackbird's nest.

What's happening?

Blackbird chick fledged 27th April

23rdApril 207

Plum Tree Nest Box

Follow my great tits in the plum tree box

What's happening?

Built a nest and roosting at night

Sadly, the chicks have died at just 2 days old No male meant the female could not feed & keep chicks warm.

3 chicks fledged, 1 died 23rd May

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 on Flickr

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2011 Nest box season

Plum tree nest box story


See last season's blue tits raise a family.

Side-view nest box story


See last season's great tits raise a family.

Planned Projects 2012

There are lots of exciting projects and ideas for 2012. As these take off, the individual links will become live. Please contact me if you have any other ideas or would like to work with me this year. Click images to find a little more about my plans.

April 21st _ 3
Bushnell 466
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'Use & Review' with

Contact me if you would like me to review your kit here in the WildlifeKate patch.

Spikes for hedgehogs

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