Fern Pool

Every garden should have an area where birds and animals can both drink and bathe. I wanted to create somewhere that would offer a safe and functional pool, but also one that would look good, both on a live camera and for photography purposes. I built this pool entirely out of materials I already had, or materials that I managed to get free.... such as old tyres.!


I started with two tyres which I picked up from my local tyre centre... he was happy to give me as many as I wnated!! My original idea was to use a shallow baking tray for the pool, but it was too shallow and I decided instead, to use a piece of pond liner I had.

I chose a raised bed, in front of my hub, to build my pool. There is good visability all around here, so birds will feel safe drinking and bathing. I stacked the tyre, one on top of each other and checked they were level.

Next, I filled the tyres with soil......


I piled up soil all around the tyres, to create a graduated bank. I also used some old bits of tree trunk, rocks and logs to build up the sides.

.... and lay the pond liner inside. I tucked it all around and pressed the soil below to create the depth and shape I wanted.

I falttened the soil inside the tyres to create a hollow...


The next stage was to add a camera, so I could live stream the image on my website. Using a piece of guttering, I mounted a nest box camera close to the pool.

I 'dressed' the edges with logs, moss and ferns....

... to create a natural and attractive feature.


I placed some rocks and pebbles in the pool to create different depths. This would offer the birds varying places to bathe and drink.


It was a matter of hours before the birds came to visit. I set the Bushnell Trail cam up with my close up kit and was delighted with the captures I recorded!

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