So what is 'Earth Hour' ??

When the lights switch off at 8.30pm on 29th March, it’s our planet’s time to shine…

Earth Hour is the world’s biggest celebration for our amazing planet, hundreds of millions of people from across the world coming together in a symbolic and spectacular light outs display.It’s a brilliant reminder that together we can make change happen, and it gives us a chance to think about the small things we can do everyday to help create a brighter future. So whether you reflect under the stars or celebrate by candlelight, it’s a moment to say you’ll do your bit to protect our planet – not just for one hour, but every day. These videos demonstrate the power we have when we all work together, and this is what Earth Hour is all about. It helps us think what we can do to make a difference.

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How is involved?

When those lights go out, why not discover more about the nocturnal animals on your patch!

What snuffles in your flower beds at night and who squeezes under your fence panels to explore your garden? There is a whole new world out in your night-time garden and it can be fun to find out more about what animals frequent this area in the dark. Share this area with your kids and take a nocturnal walk around your patch.... see if you can do it without a torch, so you can appreciate the world that these animals live in. Try sitting quietly in your garden for a while to see if you can hear any of the animals... Then, you can check out what the nocturnal animals are doing in my patch by checking out my LIVE night-time cameras. Focused on 4 different areas, you should spot visitors such as foxes, mice, voles, rats... and even hedgehogs if they have emerged from hibernation!

During the day, you may see my jackdaws building a nest or one of my other cameras. At night you will be able to watch my nocturnal animals visiting!

What nocturnal visitors might you see?

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