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My 'patch' includes my garden and the surrounding area in semi-rural Staffordshire. Over the last four years, I have installed a variety of cameras... in nest boxes, on feeders, in mammal boxes and even in a field that adjoins my garden. These have given me unique insights into the lives of birds and animals that visit  and inspired me to do even more to attract and support the many creatures in this area. I have appeared on Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Gardeners' World, sharing my garden fauna and the projects I undertake to improve my patch for wildlife.

For a regular look at what I am doing, check out my blog and subscribe to my social networking sites via the icons above. If you just want to find out more about my patch, then take  look through the sections below. I hope my projects inspire you to do more in your patch.....

I had a truly AMAZING 2012 & 2013... find out what I got up to by clicking on the links

WildlifeKate 2012

What a Year!


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Follow my blog to gain an insight into the lives of the wildlife in my patch and its varied visitors. Find out more about the exciting work and projects I am involved in and see how I work to encourage, watch, photograph and film wildlife.

My Blog

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My Bird Box Cams 2014..

My Mammal Cams...

My Blog...

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My Feeder Cams...

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TV, Print , Press & Shows


Work with me....

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With over 15 nest boxes with cameras set up in my patch for a variety of species, from blue tits to kestrels, interesting activity can be seen, live on my cameras throughout the nesting season.

Watch my night cameras from around 9pm to see my nocturnal visitors.....I have cameras on a fox and a hedgehog feeding station as well as in mock burrows where you can watch mice, voles and shrews visiting.

CLICK the image to find out more...

CLICK the image to find out more...

I attract a lot of birds to my feeders and have a selection of cameras on these which can be watched on my live stream. I have recorded over 50 species of bird here and feed a wide variety of foods in lots of different ways.....

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CLICK the image to find out more...

I am passionate about getting the next generation interested in wildlife. I teach in a large Junior school 2 days a week and you can follow the work I am undertaking there via our                                WildLearning  website and blog.

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I have been lucky enough to appear on BBC Springwatch , Autumnwatch, Gardeners' World and Midlands Today. I have had articles published in  BBC Wildlife magazine, Mammal News, Wildlife Trust & local press as well exhibiting at Gardeners' World Live & BirdFair, Rutland & WildPhotos.

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I offer a wide selection of consultancy services to  individuals, schools and companies. Being a qualified teacher, I work extensively in schools & specialise in writing comprehensive educational materials as well as developing                           school grounds for learning.


Find out how to watch my cams via Apple mobile devices

Using & Reviewing Kit....

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Visit my YouTube Channel to see all my videos. Captured with Bushnell Trail Cams, wired wildlife camera, nest box cameras, GoPro Hero and my DSLR, I love to share my captures of the wildlife in and around my patch....

My YouTube Channel

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My Flickr Photos

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My Blog....


Midlands Today

Filming for Midlands Today Jan 2013


SpringWatch June 2013

Midlands Today

Live broadcast Midlands Today June 2013



June 2013

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Rutland BirdFair August 2013

See information  from my nest boxes last season


Mammal Society Photography Competition Judge


Prize winning trip to Zambia!

WildlifeKate SHOP




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Oct 2014

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"Unrivalled customer service & support..."


AutumnWatch October 2013


An exciting evening with Angela & Jonathan Scott and Dr Laurie Marker

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Jan 2014

Barn Owls visit my nest box!


Feb 2014

Wonderful trip to Cairngorms

Greenfinch, goldfinch, GSW

Feb 2014

My Big Garden Birdwatch


Judge for Photography Competition

WKKBrand Ambassador2

'Nest Enders' 2014


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Find out more

Lane Nest  Box

Find out more Find out more icatcher' Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 21.52.16

Bridle Path  Nest  Box

Side-View Nest  Box

Lane Nest  Box

Hub Nest  Box

Studio Nest  Box

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Find out more about ALL my nest boxes for 2014  


March 2014

I work with WWF on EarthHour

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A big new project in my patch!


Michaela films  for Springwatch!


My new Mammal Box HD

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We WIN the Schools Category of BWPA Awards!

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Judge for the Youth section of Bushnell Capture Competition

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My Work at an exciting new site

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I start work at an exciting new site in Worcestershire

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WildPhotos 2014

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Bushnell Competition Winners announced!

I am currently ungrading my website, so the 2015 information will appear on my new site !

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